Audix A152 Professionella studiohörlurar, referens, 52 mm drivers

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Professionella studiohörlurar, referens, 52 mm drivers


With an extremely wide sound field and the most extended bass  response, the A152 headphones represent a new level of sound  reproduction for audiophile listeners.

Studio or hi-fidelity listening alike, the A152 captures every  detail and nuance in the sound field. Even gaming enthusiasts using the  A152 headphones will enjoy an audible advantage when split seconds  matter.

The full range 50 mm phase-coherent drivers coupled with the  lightweight and comfortable headset design provide hours of listening  without fatigue.

• Dynamic closed-back design

• Excellent for audio playback and monitoring

• Over-the-ear design built for comfort and isolation

• Soft cushion ear cups with 90-degree swivel for easy single-ear monitoring

• High-performance, phase-coherent drivers

• Ultra-wide sound field

• Deep, accurate bass

• Accurate reproduction of subharmonics

• Includes two detachable cables – 1.8 m and 3.0 m for greater flexibility

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