38 Years of Excellence                                                

Audix commenced  in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and  manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the  advancement of the professional audio industry. Year after year Audix  microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance,  quality, durability, and value.

                                                    Microphones Built to  Last a Lifetime                                                

Audix pushes the  limits of technology. Our state of the art facility in Wilsonville,  Oregon is home to our research, design, fabrication, assembly, final  test, and logistics operations. We continue to evolve and strive to  provide our customers with products that exceed industry expectations.

                                                    Performance is Everything                                                

We attribute our  continued success to several factors: our devoted customers who provide  us with invaluable product feedback; a talented research and development  team whose goal is to produce state of the art products and a highly  trained staff who want to help you get the most from your Audix  equipment. Ingenuity and passion are alive and well at Audix – and we  have every intention to keep it this way.

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