Audix A150 Professionella studiohörlurar, referens, 50 mm drivers

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Professionella studiohörlurar, referens, 50 mm drivers


The A150 is designed with one goal in mind: to reproduce music with  accuracy throughout the full frequency range with a smooth, balanced  linear response.

Featuring 50 mm phase-coherent drivers, the A150 headphones are designed to be worn for hours without listening fatigue.

With exceptional isolation, free from the artifacts of noise  cancellation, the A150 headphones are intended for studio engineers, DJ  mixers, and anyone who enjoys high-quality audio.

• Dynamic closed-back design

• Large soundstage with natural, balanced, lifelike sound reproduction

• Linear response throughout the frequency range

• Balanced studio-quality sound with exceptional imaging

• Excellent for mixing, monitoring, and general listening

• Over-the-ear design built for comfort and isolation

• Soft cushion ear cups with 90-degree swivel for easy single-ear monitoring

• High-performance phase-coherent drivers

• Includes two detachable cables – 1.8 m and 3.0 m for greater flexibility

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