n  1974, C.S. Yang and his brother founded Sangean Enterprise. Mister Yang  was in the army during the Second World War. He was dispatched to Japan  and in charge of air communications. Having knowledge of the integrated  circuit (IC) and the semiconductor field, he used his passion and  confidence to start a company with the aim to improve the concept of  radio quality.

 What is most distinctive for Sangean is their procedure. Whereas  most companies are outsourcing the production of electronics, Sangean  keeps this responsibility. Producing  all devices within the company,  the Sangean family keeps on expanding. Radios are produced from A to Z,  or in other words; from Research and Development to After Sales. In this  way, they can ensure quality reception and sensitivity in places where  their competitors could not reach. Besides the quality; Sangean drives  her personnel to invest on design. Sangean Radios are models you want to  bring into your home. In 1980 Sangean entered the short wave radio  business with the SG-786. This model had a great reception and was easy  to use. 

The demand of high quality radios was not limited to Taiwan only.  Everywhere in the world people wanted to have the best broadcasting.  While Sangean was expanding, it was growing internationally. In 1987  Sangean established a branch office in The United States of America.  This office is responsible for sales, but also retaining consumer  relationships in the USA. 

This lead to great development for Sangean. In 1993 the factory in  Dong Guan in China is established; for more and better production of  Sangean radios. The company keeps expanding and with developing newer  models Sangean is covering the worldwide markets. In 1997 it is time to  open a new branch office for the European market. Sangean EU in The  Netherlands was established.

The radio branch has been improving continuously. The organization  reacted to the changes on the market by keeping up with trends. In 1997  the ATS-909 (a portable shortwave radio) won the Taiwan Symbol of  Excellence. From 1998 and on, Sangean entered several developing  markets. In said year, the DPR-1 was developed for the DAB Radio  business. With portable and tabletop models, Sangean has been able to  contain a steady growth over the years.

In 2003, Sangean started producing Utility Radios (U-series). These  radios were built for harsh working conditions, enduring challenging  workspaces. The radios are rain, shock and dust resistant, making them  perfect devices for working on construction sites.

The production of HD and WiFi radios started in 2005. For example  the HDT-1 was the first HD Digital Radio Sangean produced. WiFi radios  became popular in sync with the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet  of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices and other items  embedded with network connectivity which enable these objects to collect  and exchange data. Sangean did not fall behind and produced the WFR-20.  The WFR series are continued and improved until this day. 

 In 2008 Sangean responded to the great demand for quality sound  compatible with Apple products. For example the DDR-63 will play music,  connect to internet and also charge your iPod. 

The DAB technology was improved to DAB+ in 2009, with better  quality. Several models were developed for better sound and reception  quality. In 2011 Sangean started working with an app developer to be  able to connect radios with an app. Several radios are now compatible  with the UNDOK app. The app can be used to connect a mobile device to  the radio and select an input (DAB, FM, Bluetooth) or radio station.

 The latest developments (2012) in the product range are the start  of producing Bluetooth radios. Analog (WR-12 BT) and digital (DDR-47 BT)  radios are equipped with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.  Lastly, in 2013 Sangean got a Spotify Connect license, with  possibilities to connect the radio to Spotify. In the same year the  portable Bluetooth speakers were developed.

In 2018, Sangean celebrated its 45th anniversary. With family,  colleagues and distributors, a great celebration was orchestrated. The  company is still 100% owned by the direct family of C.S. Yang. Of  course, to this day Sangean produces new and existing radios with great  care. 

 45th anniversary