Presonus R65 Studiomonitor (pris/st)


Superior transient response.

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In order to dampen resonance peaks at higher frequencies,  conventional dome tweeters are injected with fluid to raise their mass,  sacrificing transient response time. By contrast, the custom-designed  AMT tweeter in the R65 uses an incredibly thin, folded Kapton® membrane  (< 0.01 mm) with an inlayed aluminum circuit functioning as the voice  coil, allowing the tweeter to move at the same instant as the electric  current. The resulting reactive response time provides marked clarity  and superior transient reproduction.

Wide, consistent stereo image.

An unfolded AMT tweeter diaphragm provides 8 to 13 times the  projection area of a traditional 1-inch dome tweeter, enabling R65  monitors to provide a much wider stereo soundstage than traditional  designs. At the same time, the R65 provides a very limited vertical  dispersion, which helps to reduce reflections from the ceiling and  desktop that can cause phase coherence issues. Because it’s less subject  to room-anomaly interference, the R65 reacts predictably and sounds  consistent from room to room.

Transparent sound.

The R65 utilizes a 6.5-inch, custom-coated, woven Kevlar®  low-frequency driver. This rigid cone maintains a more consistent  dispersion pattern across its frequency response range. Biamped and  driven by a 150W Class D amplifier—making the R series some of the most  powerful monitors in their category—these monitors deliver an open,  clear, and less fatiguing listening experience.

Have it your way.

You can customize the R65 in several ways. It’s available with black  or blue faceplates to fit your studio décor. With balanced XLR, balanced  ¼” TRS, and unbalanced RCA line-level inputs, it’s easy to feed audio  to your R65 monitors from a mixer, an interface, a media player, or  almost any other line-level source. And R series monitors offer  user-adjustable contour features for optimizing the monitors for your  mixing space. This enables full integration into any studio environment.



Accuracy defined.

The R65’s AMT monitor design provides lifelike sonic reproduction  that will allow you to hear the room in your recordings. Its transparent  sound and responsive transient reproduction makes it an ideal solution  for anyone who is mixing high-resolution audio.