Dinkum Systems Video Pro Pack


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Dinkum Systems Video Pro Pack

Get the most out of your Dinkum Systems® gear with our Video ProPack™.  This selection of mounts, a shade,  adaptive tops and bases from our full line comes together to create an  incredibly useful range of at least eight accessory options to add to your  camera or grip kit.  Simply take the top, base and arm of your choosing and  pop them together to form a fully customizable set of camera accessories to meet  a range of on-set challenges.  All the components pack neatly and compactly  in our handy canvas storage bag with grommets for easy hanging. 


What can I make out of my Video ProPack?
ActionPod® – universal ¼-20”  clamping monopod mount
ActionPod® PRO – the big brother to ActionPod® with a  larger clamp and longer arm
FlexiMount™ – our workhorse mic mount and  favorite of audio techs for 15 years
PRO™ lens shade – the original clamping  French flag, great as a cutter
PRO™ Screw Mount lens shade – attach your flag  directly to a camera body
¼-20” to ¼-20” mounting arm – this flexible,  articulated arm has two ¼-20” ends
¼-20” to 3/8-16” mounting arm – another  arm option with alternate thread sizes
Clamping Top - this turns any of the  arms into a useful double-ended grip device

Weight 3 lbs.