Dinkum Systems COMPACT Lens Shade


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The COMPACT™ lens shade is a professional “french flag” for DSLR’s and small video cameras.   Securing to the hot-shoe bracket, the multi-directional 10 link, 7.5” /  19cm long ball-and-socket arm holds the sturdy 5-inch wide aluminum  shade securely and precisely to protect from lens flare, dust, and  drizzle.   Fast set-up and ease of use make this an essential item to  add to the kit of every serious photographer or videographer, saving  time and money by eliminating the need for hoods specific to every  lens. 

SPECS: Weight 4.1 oz.
*  PLEASE NOTE: the required rigidity of the arm means that while this  device is length adjustable, good alignment and significant pressure is  required to reattach the segments.  The COMPACT™ lens shade is the only  item in the Dinkum Systems® product line that is NOT interchangeable  with the other heads, bases and additional links.  Please note that  additional links are NOT sold separately for this product.








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