Dinkum Systems ActionPod PRO


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ActionPod® PRO is a quick clamping  mount for any point-and-shoot, DSLR, or action sport camera.  With a large  2 inch spring clamp and longer arm than ActionPod®, the PRO offers even greater  flexibility when mounting your device.  The ultra-strong clamp provides a  stable base, and the length-adjustable arm allows for unlimited and thrilling  new angles.  When you imagine unique and interesting shots, let ActionPod®  PRO get you there!
ActionPod® PRO features a flexible 7-link, 9”  long arm and does not require tools to change the length: simply pop apart and  press back together, customizing the mount to your camera’s  weight.
Instead of fumbling with time-consuming locking arms,  adhesive semi-permanent bases or questionable suction mounts, you’ll find that  the ActionPod® PRO makes camera placement accurate and much more simple as it  can be re-positioned with one hand.  An essential addition to any  professional kit, ActionPod® PRO is also perfect for on-board camera lights,  monitors, small DC backlights, or any other device with a standard ¼”-20  tripod-screw mount.