Audio-Technica AT-F7, Premium Moving Coil Stereo pickup


AT-F7  Moving Coil Cartridge

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With a high-quality sound comparable to more expensive models, the  AT-F7 provides outstanding value and performance, which delights those  who appreciate the sound quality of analogue records.
High-rigidity VC mold combined with potassium titanate minimises unnecessary vibration
The VC structure that holds the coils in place is made of a hard resin,  which is combined with potassium titanate for increased strength and  rigidity. The result is less weight and an unprecedented reduction of  unnecessary vibration.
Diameter stainless suspension wire
The AT-F7 uses 0.07 mm diameter stainless suspension wire, which serves  an important role as a fulcrum point for audio signal transfer. This  stainless wire is used for higher quality MC-type cartridges. This  stabilises the fulcrum position and enables auditory lateralisation to  provide excellent expression of the high-frequency range.
Neodymium magnet for dramatically increased magnetic energy
The neodymium magnet provides maximum energy (BHmax of 50[kJ/m3]), while  the pure iron yoke provides excellent magnetic properties. Together,  they further boast the magnetic field concentrated in the coil gap area.
PCOCC used for coils and terminal pins
PCOCC does not give rise to crystalline resistance in the transmission direction, enabling
audiophiles to enjoy pure transmissions.
Dual moving coil with high separation and wide response
Our unique moving coil type cartridge has a basic structure where one  cylindrical coil is used for the left channel and another is used for  the right channel. This structure by which power is generated  independently for the left and right channels physically provides  outstanding separation characteristics. The leakage of signals from one  channel into the other exerts a decisive influence on the stereo expanse  as well as on the sound quality. This is because this leakage is  tantamount to creating irregular cross modulation. The reason why the  dual moving coil system delivers such a clear and finely delineated  sound quality is no doubt due to the system’s naturally excellent  separation. The AT-F7 features a reverse V-shaped formation for the two  left and right coils to reduce the vibration mass as seen from the  stylus tip.
Durable construction dedicated to achieving increased rigidity
Using a precision-crafted sturdy aluminium alloy as the base, the body’s  structure is made of hard resin which minimises parasitic resonance.  This achieves greater rigidity and improves signal-to-noise ratio.