Tascam TM-10LB Lavalier Microphone With Screw-Lock Connector

  • 835:-

TM-10LB (black) and TM-10LW (white) are miniature  clip-on microphones for use with wireless transmitters or mini recorders  like the Tascam DR-10 series. They are ideal to capture clear voice in  applications such as theatre, television, lectures, public speaking and  other situations where hands-free operation is required. The small,  unobtrusive microphone consists of an omnidirectional back-electret  element that is able to withstand high sound pressure levels and deliver  natural sound and high intelligibility. 

The TM-10L comes with a 160 cm cable with screw-lockable  mini-jack for a firm and secure connection. The included clip allows  attachment to collars, ties or other clothing and the windscreen can be  removed for easy cleaning.