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Tascam 102i USB Audio-MIDI Interface With DSP Mixer-10 in 4 out

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The compact SERIES 102i audio/MIDI interface is perfect for guitarists, songwriters and owners of small studios. It provides up to ten audio inputs and two audi

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Artikelnummer: TA-SERIES102i

The compact SERIES 102i audio/MIDI interface is perfect for guitarists, songwriters and owners of small studios. It provides up to ten audio inputs and two audio outputs to a Mac or Windows computer or an iOS device, for recording and playback at up to 192 kHz / 24 bit and with the superb audio performance one expects from Tascam. Controllable with included custom software, this versatile USB interface is equipped with a powerful DSP input and output mixer with built-in digital reverb, compressor, phase invert and four-band EQ for each channel. Having this processor included internally eliminates all latency issues and takes the load off the computer allowing it to process the audio more efficiently. A new USB driver offers very high stability, ensuring reliable performance throughout all phases of your projects.

transparent, natural-sounding, low-noise Ultra-HDDA mic preamps and individually switchable phantom power (+48 volt). A maximum of ten inputs (four at 192 kHz) are available when using the multi-channel optical port which can accept up to eight channels of audio input from an ADAT- or S/MUX-compatible device. The SERIES 102i also offers dual headphone outputs with dedicated level control and two balanced 6.3-mm line outputs for versatile monitoring. And you can connect your favorite MIDI devices to the rear-panel MIDI input and output to use them with your recording software.

The angled tabletop design gives easy access to all front-panel controls. You can quickly adjust the monitor output level with a large front-panel Monitor knob, and use the handy Monitor Balance control to mix live input with computer playback for zero-latency overdubs.


  • Provides up to ten audio inputs and two audio outputs to a Windows or Mac computer or iOS device
  • Audio resolution up to 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • USB Audio Compliance 2.0 for iOS connection

Hardware features

  • Two analogue mic/line inputs on XLR/TRS balanced combo connectors
  • High-grade Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) microphone pre-amps with ultra-low noise (EIN: –127 dBu)
  • High-quality audio input circuits for low-noise recording
  • Individually switchable 48-Volt phantom power on XLR inputs
  • Each TRS input can be switched to instrument-level for direct recording of guitar or bass
  • Gain controls, signal and peak indicators on each analogue input
  • Optical multi-channel audio input for expansion by a maximum of eight additional
  • inputsideally suited for use with the Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna microphone preamplifier
  • S/MUX format with support for high sampling rates (ADAT-compatible)
    - 8 inputs at 44.1/48 kHz
    - 4 inputs at 88.2/96 kHz
    - 2 inputs at 176.4/192 kHz
  • Two monitor/line outputs (balanced TRS) with level control
  • Direct monitor option for low-latency monitoring
  • Monitor mix control for adjusting the level balance between signals from external devices and signals from the computer
  • Two 6.3-mm standard headphones outputs with level control (18 mW per channel)
    MIDI input, MIDI output
  • Power supply by dedicated PS-P1220E AC adapter (included)
  • Rugged all-metal chassis

Software features

  • In-house developed driver for Windows devices ensures stable operation with low latency
  • Built-in DSP with mixer, routing and effects accessible through dedicated settings panel
    - Compressor and 4-band EQ with low-cut filter on each input channel
    - Phase invert, Bypass, Solo, channel Link and Mute buttons on each input channel
    - Four Aux sends, switchable pre/post (Aux 1 used for internal reverb)
    - Reverb effect with five presets and adjustable pre delay, reverb time, diffusion and return level (Reverb can be used up to 96 kHz only)
    - Master section with Stereo fader, Aux Master controls and Mute button
    - Comfortable routing of output channels
  • Bundled with Cubase LE (64-bit Windows application), compatible with Cubasis LE
  • Bundled with iZotope Neutron 3 Elements, AmpliTube and T-Racks plug-in effects
  • Automatic update function available for software, driver and firmware updates
  • Compatible with major DAW software (Pro Tools, Live, Cubase, Studio One, GarageBand etc.)