SSL SiX mixerbord

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The Ultimate Desktop Mixer. 
Legendary SSL studio tools redefined and streamlined.

To the casual observer SiX looks like any other compact desktop  mixer. Look a little closer and like all SSL consoles, SiX reveals a  carefully considered feature set that is driven by an obsessive desire  for total flexibility, to encompass every creative eventuality. It may  be small but SiX is a classic SSL design. It carries the DNA of 40 years  of true expertise in creative studio workflow. Listen to SiX and you  will experience the impeccable sonic performance that is the hallmark of  every SSL console. It is powerful and intuitive. Inspired and  rewarding.

SiX is a condensed professional console for use in the studio, in  post-production, on stage, and for podcasting. SiX offers big console  sound and an impressive set of utility features in a format that is  small enough to stick in a bag a go wherever you need it. SiX is  stunning value; it offers two recording channels with SuperAnalogueTM  mic pres, two band EQ, an essential one knob version of the classic SSL  Channel Compressor, a new two-band Channel EQ, inserts and 100mm faders.  There is a two-knob version of the legendary G-Series Bus Compressor on  the main mix bus and the unique Listen Mic Compressor on the Talkback.  In mixdown mode it is a very capable twelve channel summing system that  offers analogue detail, depth and width to your mixes.


Key Features:
A fully professional condensed console for use in the studio, in post-production, on stage, and for podcasting.
Benchmark SuperAnalogue™ audio performance
Ultra low noise : ultra-low distortion : pristine sound
Stunning Record Path
Two SSL console grade SuperAnalogue mic pre’s
Classic SSL Channel Processing
Essential versions of SSL Channel EQ and Dynamics
The unique Listen Mic Compressor
Nothing slams drums quite like it!
Professional Routing & Monitoring
The hidden versatility of truly professional features
12 Input Summing at Mixdown
12 line level inputs with channel and Master Bus inserts
Legendary Master Bus Compressor
An essential version of the incredible SSL legacy
Completely balanced signal path
Everything except the headphone jack is fully balanced