Sommer Cable 485-0052-440 High-End Skärmad Högtalarkabel,4-ledare

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A light at the end of the tunnel…

  • High quality HiFi-speaker multicore for higher demands

will appear in front of your eyes when you connect the new SC-QUADRA BLUE to your reference-HiFi-system. Harmony not only in design, but also in sound is what the SC-QUARDEA BLUE will offer to you: absolutely linear cable tempting you to play  experiment, as a bi-amping as well as bi-wiring connection or just as a  simple input cable.
We have straded the copper litz to utilize the  advantages of the solid copper wires. This results in outstanding  conductivity and excellent damping values, which are especially  important for longer lengths. Even for excessive lengths the SC-QUADRA BLUE works with almost no loss.

Allow  yourself and your HiFi-system one of the best and most beautiful  speaker cables we were able to develop over the last ten years.


  • Extremely fast and linear transmission, even with excessive lengths
  • Very easy to handle
  • Numerous connecting options (bi-amping, bi-wiring, twinaxial cable)
  • Excellent shielding against interference by AL / PT-foil and CU-cross braided shield construction
  • Use of ultra-grade copper quality with conductor smoothing (OFC Class6N, 99.9999%)


  • High quality HiFi-speaker multicore for higher demands
  • Stereo or bi-wiring connection with one cable