Sommer Cable 485-0052-240 High-End Skärmad Högtalarkabel,2-ledare (pris/m)

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Miracles keep happening...

485-0052-240 Speaker Cable SC- DUAL BLUE; 2 x 4,00 mm²; S-PVC Ø 15,50 mm;

But the fact that the new SC-DUAL BLUE is a hit will not surprise anyone who ever had the pleasure of listening to its big brother, the SC-QUADRA BLUE. The SC-DUAL BLUE is not a slimmed down version of the SC-QUADRA BLUE,  but a speaker cable with a special pitch which has been optimized for a  2-pole connectivity. This connection is recommended for stereo systems  where the speaker terminals are bridged or have no bi-wiring/bi-amping  connections. The SC-DUAL BLUE impresses by its smart  construction, the timeless and modern design and a  straight-in-your-face, impulsive and natural reproduction. This cable  brings out the best your hi-fi system has to offer.


  • Tight, low-capacitance stranding of the 2 wires
  • Concentric, ultra compact stranding of the 504 x 0.10 mm single wires
  • Gas-injected insulation with dual interconnection
  • Screen made of tight copper braiding with 95% optical coverage
  • Use of ultra-grade copper quality with conductor smoothing (OFC Class6N, 99.9999%)


  • High-quality hifi speaker cable for demanding requirements