Radial Stagebug SB-5 Laptop DI

  • 1 699:-
  • Stereo direct box for laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Cable with 3.5mm stereo plug to connect to mobile devices
  • Transformer isolation eliminates hum and buzz
  • Plug & play easy to use, no power required
  • Compact design fits in your laptop bag

The easy way to connect to the PA

The StageBug SB-5 provides an easy to use  professional interface for connecting any mobile playback device to a  mixer or PA system, with a built-in cable and 3.5mm stereo plug to  connect directly to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Inside, a pair  of custom wound transformers isolate the signals to prevent hum and  buzz, and balance the audio to feed long cable runs without noise. Left  and right 1/4" TRS outputs are provided for stereo operation, or a mono  XLR output can be used to save channels on the PA system. The SB-5 works  without any power required, and features additional ground lift and pad  switches to eliminate ground loop noise and prevent distortion from  high output audio sources.