Radial JD6 Six-Channel Rackmount DI

  • 12 799:-


  • Multi-channel direct box for concert touring and studio recording
  • Jensen transformer-equipped for exceptional audio quality
  • Handles hot signal levels without distortion
  • Front and rear panel connectivity for additional routing options

Six JDI direct boxes in one

Stemming from the industry standard Radial JDI™, the  JD6 incorporates six premium Jensen transformers with extra RF filtering  to ensure optimal signal transfer with the minimal noise, phase shift,  or distortion. These are also able to withstand extreme signal levels,  which makes the JD6 particularly effective when managing high-output  active devices such as digital pianos that will often overload most  direct boxes or preamps. Each JD6 channel is equipped with a  rear-mounted ¼" instrument input and thru-put for the artist's amp plus a  balanced XLR output to feed the mixing desk, while Channels 1 and 2  include front panel connectors that switch the input as soon as a cable  is inserted for improved efficiency in the studio.