Radial Stagebug SB-15 Tailbone

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The Stagebug SB-15™ is a class-A signal buffer designed to sit at the  beginning of the signal chain and drive multiple pedals without added  noise or signal loss. It also converts two 9V power outputs to a 15V  supply as an alternative way to power Radial and Tonebone 15V products.

  • 100% discrete class-A signal buffer
  • Drag control load correction for natural tone
  • Drives pedal chains up to 15 meters (50ft)
  • Converts two 9V supplies to 15V output

Drive pedal chains with ease

The SB-15 is an ultra-compact signal buffer that is  pedalboard friendly, with transparent operation that maintains the  natural tone of your instrument. Unlike many audio designs that employ  ICs or integrated circuits to buffer the signal, the 100% discrete  class-A design of the SB-15 reduces the need for phase-cancelling  negative feedback produces a more natural and pleasing tone. This is  complimented by a Drag control load correction circuit to replicate the  tone and feel as if connected directly to the amplifier. Once buffered,  the signal is less susceptible to hum and buzz caused by radio  interference and electromagnetic fields, and is then able to drive  multiple pedals distances of 15 meters (50') without noise.