Radial Twin Line Effects loop interface for two amps.

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The Twinline is a unique device that enables a guitarist to share  effects pedals between two amps when using each amplifier’s built-in  effects loop.

  • Share your pedalboard between two amp effects loops
  • Optimize signal levels for each amplifier
  • Works with guitar pedals or balanced studio effects
  • Can be remotely controlled using a footswitch

Access all of your pedals with multiple amps 

The Twinline can be thought of as a pedalboard  switcher that lets you remotely toggle effects pedals from one amp's  effects loop to the other, effectively sharing your pedalboard between  two amps. To accomplish this, the Twinline is equipped with two  amplifier effects loop circuits – each with separate send and receive  levels to optimize the signal path for each amp's effects loop. Effects  devices can be connected to the Twinline with unbalanced ¼" connectors  for typical guitar pedals or balanced XLR connections for studio  effects. To switch or bypass effects from across the stage, a remote  control input allows you to toggle the Twinline using a latching  footswitch.