Radial Stagebug SB-7 Earmuff Headphone Silencer

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About the Stagebug SB-7 

  • Turns off one side of headphones to stop bleed
  • Artist can hear both playback and instrument
  • Level control enables artist to set ideal volume
  • Completely passive, does not require power

When overdubbing in an orchestral setting, the artist is  usually listening to a pre-recorded track while playing his or her part  of the score. To better hear the pitch and tonality of the instrument,  the artist will often remove one side of the headphones by pulling it  away from one ear. In doing so, the headphone level is increased to  compensate and this in turn, causes sound from the open phone to bleed  into the recording microphone, contaminating the mix. This is a common  problem when recording violins, flutes and other orchestral instruments.

The Radial StageBug SB-7 Earmuff is a compact device that solves the  problem by enabling the artist to turn off one of the phones, thus  eliminating the bleed problem altogether.

The design begins with a ¼” stereo TRS input on one side that accepts  a standard headphone mix along with a level control. On the output  side, a choice of standard ¼” headphone or 3.5mm (1/8″) ear bud outputs  provide instant connectivity without the need of a special adaptor. A  mono switch enables the artist to sum the left-right stereo playback  track to mono so that all instruments are routed to both sides of the  headphones. Then, depressing the ‘off’ switch mutes the left ear of the  headphones to eliminate bleed while leaving the right side unaffected.  One simply adjusts the on-board level control to suit. Because the SB-7  Earmuff is completely passive, no power is needed nor will it introduce  any distortion or artefact into the signal path. Plug it in and it is  basically ready to go.

Compact, easy to use and affordable, the Radial StageBug SB-7 Earmuff  provides a simple, yet elegant solution to a long standing problem.