Radial PROISO Converter from +4dB to -10dB

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The Pro-Iso™ is a +4dB to -10dB converter that employs a cost  effective transformer that focuses the energy in the voice range. This  makes the Pro-Iso a great choice for sermons, news gathering and spoken  voice.

  • Converts balanced line level signals to unbalanced
  • Stereo signal path with set & forget level control
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate hum & buzz
  • Cost effective transformers targeting voice range

Exceptional signal handling

The passive design begins with 100% discrete  components throughout. A set & forget level control lets you  attenuate the input signal to prevent it from overloading the  destination device. Output connections include a stereo pair of ¼"  connectors, a set of RCAs and a mini 3.5mm (1/8") for interfacing to a  mini recorder or lap-top computer. Transformer isolation helps eliminate  hum and buzz caused by ground loops while eliminating stray DC currents  from flowing.