Radial McBoost microphone signal intensifier

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The McBoost is a microphone signal booster designed to elevate the  output of a dynamic or ribbon microphone for greater transparency and  clarity, and provide enough clean gain to connect to any preamp.

  • 26dB signal booster for dynamic & ribbon microphones
  • Class-A dual transistor circuit for transparent operation
  • Powered by 48V phantom power
  • Three-position impedance selector & variable gain

Boost your signal at the source

The Radial McBoost provides clean gain at the source  for low-output dynamic and ribbon microphones, driving long cable runs  with ease and allowing you to connect to any preamp as if it were a  high-gain ribbon mic pre. Simply connect the McBoost in-line using  standard XLR cables and activate 48V phantom to provide power, then  select between three impedance settings to optimize the response from  the microphone. The McBoost will elevate the output to produce added  clarity, excitement and extra drive for long cables whether you are in a  recording studio, on a live concert stage, or in a broadcast center.