Radial Decoder- Mid/Side Matrix and Mic Preamp

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  • Quick and easy mid/side recording without a mixer
  • Three ultra-quiet built-in mic preamps
  • Pre-mixed stereo outputs
  • Line level operation for use with pre-recorded tracks

The Radial Decoder is a microphone preamp and mid/side stereo  matrix that allows the user to easily create M/S recordings without  having to re-configure a recording console. Featuring built-in mic pre’s  with phantom power and independent level control, the Decoder  automatically combines the signals to a stereo output using the  sum-difference method for spectacular stereo imaging that translates  well to mono for broadcast.

The Decoder begins with three ultra-quiet microphone preamps. The  mic/line input-1 is assigned to the MID or direct microphone, while  mic/line input-2a is assigned to the SIDE microphone. A link button  automatically duplicates and pans the signal and flips the phase for a  traditional M/S stereo image when used with figure-8 microphones.  Mic/line input-2b allows the Decoder to be used with a pair of cardioid  microphones rather than a figure-8. This opens up the door for a variety  of microphones and different spacing techniques to be employed for  ultimate convenience and creativity. The Decoder can also be switched to  +4dBu line level for Reamping™ pre-recorded material during mix-down.  Simply record a SIDE microphone while tracking and bounce to a stereo  M/S image later.

As the Decoder is intended for use in the studio or in the field, the  chassis is built out of heavy duty 14-gauge steel. The internal I-beam  frame and book-end construction prevents premature damage to internal  circuitry and protects knobs and switches from impact. A full bottom  no-slip pad provides electrical insulation and mechanical isolation to  reduce mishap. The chassis can also be rack- mounted on its own or with  other Radial products using an optional rack kit.

The Decoder… mid/side recording has never been so easy!