Presonus Revelator, USB Mic with DSP

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Get that radio sound.
The secret to that “radio sound” is simple: the right talent and the  right microphone with just the right amount of EQ and compression. Now,  that perfect combination of sound is available in Revelator, an elegant,  easy-to-use USB microphone… the only thing missing is your voice.  Whether you’re looking for a microphone for vlogging, podcasting, or a  simple recording solution for voice-overs or your home studio, Revelator  is designed to deliver polished, professional-sounding results with  ease.
Mix and match.
Let’s face it: conferencing in Zoom calls, recording gameplay, or  showcasing the audio in a YouTube video while you’re adding witty  commentary is a juggling act. Third-party apps are cumbersome, and  figuring out external cabling? Well, that’s even worse. Revelator takes  all those headaches away with two stereo loopback streams. Having two  stereo streams means you can mix and record the audio from two different  applications on your computer along with your voice—all at the same  time. Best of all, you can manage the output level in each application  independently...or if you need a little more control, open up Universal  Control and mix away.
A complete broadcast studio.
Revelator comes with a complete suite of professional software to  take your recordings to the next level. Studio One Artist makes it easy  to polish your recordings with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow  and templates to make configuring your session quick and easy. Add  bumpers to your podcasts, take multiple voice-over takes, and much  more—all with the power and ease-of-use that has made Studio One one of  the most popular recording applications in the world. With Revelator and  Studio One Artist, you have everything you need to get professional  results whether you’re just getting started or working on that Gold Play  Button.
Get three mics in one.
Microphones are designed to pick up sound in a specific pattern.  Revelator provides three different patterns in one USB microphone to  provide maximum flexibility. Use the Cardioid pattern for voice-overs or  performances where only one voice should be captured. This pattern  rejects sound coming in from the room to record only your voice. Doing a  podcast interview with two people? Change to the Figure 8 pattern and  position Revelator between you. Now one side will pick up the  interviewer, and the other will pick up the guest. Doing a round table  discussion or recording multiple instruments? Switch to the  Omnidirectional pattern to pick up sound all the way around the  microphone. Whatever your application, Revelator will adapt to fit your  needs.