Presonus Micro Station BT

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Micro Station BT

The Bluetooth-enabled PreSonus Micro Station BT adds wireless  connectivity to your studio monitors, which makes streaming reference  tracks from your smart device a piece of cake. This sleek unit also  includes balanced TRS inputs for your pro-level gear, along with a  stereo TRS input for your consumer devices. The Micro Station BT is easy  to set up — simply connect your studio monitors to its full-range  balanced TRS outputs and your powered sub to its balanced TRS or  unbalanced RCA output. At Sweetwater, we've found the Micro Station to  perform admirably as a desktop-style monitor controller, thanks to its  large Volume knob, Mute button, and Sub Bypass button. You also get a  stereo TRS output for headphone listening, streaming, or recording. The  Micro Station BT is a well-designed solution for piping audio from a  Bluetooth-capable device to your studio speakers — no wires necessary.