Presonus iOstation 24 C audio interface w.Faderport

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Audio Production | Desktop Control
Superior front-end for superior results.
Audiophile-grade digital converters and transparent preamps create a superior recording and
listening experience. The ioStation 24c audio interface features two of PreSonus®’ acclaimed
XMAX Class A analog microphone preamps that deliver incredibly high headroom, deep lows,
shared smooth highs, and a rich overall sound—you’ll hear every breath, transient, and detail
in your recordings. High-quality converters provide 115 dB of dynamic range to capture
complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally. The result is clear, consistent audio that
makes mixing easier and creating a polished sound faster.
Work smarter.

We've incorporated elements from the award-winning FaderPort®-series  controllers into the ioStation 24c. Rather than forcing you to reinvent  your mixing method, the ioStation 24 augments the way you currently mix.  You will still use your faithful keyboard and mouse for things they do  well, while the ioStation 24c handles what you really want to get your  fingers on: your mix. This is DAW control the way you always hoped it  could be!

Streamlined workflow and support for the Mackie Control and HUI  protocols make it fast and easy to control Pro Tools, Logic Pro X,  Cubase, Ableton Live, and more. No driver installation is necessary;  just plug in your ioStation 24c and take command of your mix. Deep  integration with the included PreSonus Studio One® Artist will let you  mix at lightning speed.