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Presonus Blue Tube DP V2

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Vacuum Tube and Solid-State Performance in One Amazing PreampTwo channels of great sound, live or in the studio.Skickas direkt från leverantör till dig - snabba

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Artikelnummer: PR-BLUE-TUBE-DP-V2

Vacuum Tube and Solid-State Performance in One Amazing Preamp

Two channels of great sound, live or in the studio.

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Live or in the studio, the BlueTube DP V2 is a great-sounding tool  you?ll use on a variety of sources. Add just the right amount of tube  distortion to guitars, basses, and mic signals. Go lightly for gentle  warmth or go all-out for solid crunch. Use one channel as a solid-state  preamp and the other as a tube preamp?it?s up to you. So visit your  favorite PreSonus dealer and check out the most versatile mic/instrument  preamplifier in its price range: the BlueTube DP V2.


A dual-personality preamp with an amazing variety of tones.

Compact, affordable, and capable of a stunningly wide range of tones,  the BlueTube DP V2 dual-path mic/instrument preamplifier offers two  independent channels, each with an XMAX Class A solid-state preamp,  followed in the signal path by a 12AX7 vacuum-tube stage. A Tube Drive  control provides a wide range of sounds: When clicked off, you?re using  the solid-state preamp for quiet, transparent amplification; when  engaged, your signals flow through the tube preamp, and you can achieve  anything from gentle warmth to edgy distortion. Equipped with instrument  and mic inputs and built tough for serious gigging, the BlueTube DP V2  is a great choice for guitarists, bassists, singer/songwriters, and  more.


Transparent solid-state, warm tube distortion, and everything in between.

With the BlueTube DP V2 dual-path preamp, you get the best of two  worlds. Our popular Class A XMAX solid-state preamps are widely lauded  for their clarity and transparency, delivering incredibly high headroom,  deep lows, smooth highs, and a rich overall sound. Found in many  PreSonus products, it has received nothing but raves from users and the  media alike. Our tube preamps are beloved for their warm, smooth sound,  and the 12AX7 vacuum tubes in the BlueTube DP V2 are hand-selected and  carefully tested to ensure top audio performance. Whether you want  clean, transparent sound; ear-shredding fuzz; or something in between,  you can achieve it with the BlueTube DP V2.


The most versatile preamp in its class?and built to travel.

The BlueTube DP V2 offers far and away the widest variety of  tone-shaping capabilities of any preamp in its class. Housed in a  rugged, half-rackspace case that is built to travel, its rear panel  sports two combo mic/instrument inputs and unbalanced ¼? and balanced  XLR line outputs. With two dual-path channels and this complement of  I/O, you can use it as a preamp and as a direct box (DI) for guitars and  basses. Singer-songwriters can run their vocal through one channel and  their guitar through the other, feeding both to the P.A.?no guitar amp  needed. And we didn?t forget the extras: an 80 Hz highpass filter,  phantom power, a -20 dB pad to control hot input signals, polarity  reverse, and a backlit VU meter. Yet the BlueTube DP V2 is small enough  to carry in a gig bag?or screw-mount it to a standard rack tray.