Lewitt MTP 840 DM Handhållen mick

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Dynamic vocal microphoneMTP 840 DM

  • Active mode to boost sensitivity
  • Tailored vocal sound
  • Low-cut settings
  • Supercardioid pattern

Your mic to cut through the densest of live mixes.
The MTP 840 DM is a supercardioid handheld performance microphone. Its tailored frequency
response ensures that your vocals will cut through every mix. The unique Active Mode boosts
sensitivity by up to 12 dB while output impedance stays low.
Refined electronics and superior capsule design make the MTP 840 DM a unique tool for
onstage use.
Give your signal some extra gain.
Boost your signal by up to 12 dB via a phantom-powered amplifier in Active Mode for ear
catching realism and distortion-free sonic depth.
Plug in and rock. No EQ required.
We tailored the frequency response to make your vocals cut through even the densest mix,
with great presence and clarity.
Plus, you do not require an EQ to be heard. Just plug it in and perform.
Improve clarity.
Remove the mesh, and you'll find switches to activate a low-cut at 150 Hz or 250 Hz to
reduce structure-borne noise. You can tame the proximity effect and adapt the mic to your
individual preference.