Electro Voice RE27N/D Mikrofon, Variable-D, dynamisk, kardioid, neodyniumelement

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EV Mikrofon, Variable-D, dynamisk, kardioid, neodyniumelement RE27N/D
Broadcast announcer's microphone with neodymium capsule and Variable‑D

• Open, crisp, and detailed tonal reproduction
• Highly-defined vocal characteristic
• Variable-D for minimal proximity effect
• Neodymium element design brings 6 dB more sensitivity
• Studio condenser-like performance
• Three voice-shaping filter switches
• Humbucking coil guards against line hum
• Integral wind and blast filters

The RE27N/D is a high-output, neodymium-equipped voice production  microphone, and a chosen favorite for broadcasting, podcasting, and  sound engineering worldwide. Superb resolution and depth for voice and  instruments have also made the versatile RE27N/D a revered workhorse  tool with recording studios and live sound engineers for a wide variety  of production situations.