Audix OM5 Professionell Dynamisk Röstmikrofon

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The OM5 vocal dynamic microphone is made with an extremely tight  and uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern which isolates the  vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage or in a studio.

Used on stage, in studios and for broadcast applications, the OM5  hypercardioid microphone has a reputation for clarity, resistance to  feedback, and the ability to handle SPLs in excess of 144 dB without  distortion.

The OM5 dynamic vocal microphone is naturally attenuated at 120 Hz  to reduce boominess and handling noise. The mid-range is tailored to  provide an extra presence in the vocals allowing the vocalist to be  easily heard through the main speakers as well as the monitors.

Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA.

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