Stealth Sonics U9 IEM - Universal

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Our flagship U9 or C9 is a nine driver hybrid designed in-ear monitor  (IEM) system that features 8 balanced armatures and 1 high density 9mm  neodymium magnetic dynamic driver. The 9 driver IEM has been  painstakingly tuned and designed for extreme detail, precision and  clarity. It was designed as the ultimate studio monitor IEM.

The 9 driver IEM was designed with inputs from renowned audio  engineers and musicians around the world over many months. The result  was our flagship IEM which features an extremely clear and flat-response  IEM suitable for use in the studio or for artiste who demands ultra  high precision monitors. The 9 driver IEM is our widest frequency range  IEM (18Hz – 40 kHz) and was touted as one notable audiophile as saying,  that it will allow the wearer to “…hear dolphns serenading canines on  the beach.” The sound signature is supported by a deep bass response,  beautifully transparent mid-range, crystal clear open highs that are  powered by four super-high drivers. The 9 driver delivers an immersive  soundstage to round out a truly superior listening experience.

This is housed in an acoustically-optimized composite material that  uses Stealth Sonics Stealth Kompozit features that is not just very  comfortable but light weight as well. Each side of the U9 weighs in at  just 4.9grams.

The U9 also employs Stealth Sonics proprietary design features such  as: the Klarity valve to reduce pressure build up and fatigue in the ear  canal from long usage; Stealth damping for more controlled bass  response ; and SonicFlo Acoustics for resonance and cancellation  reduction. 

• Drivers: 9

• Hybrid design configuration

• 1x dynamic neodymium 9mm high density magnetic

• 2 Balanced Armature (Mid)

• 2 Balanced Armature (High)

• 4 Balanced Armature (Super High)

• Isolation: -26 dB Isolation (-36dB for Custom)

• Bores: 3 asymmetrical bores

• Crossover: 4 Way

• Frequency Response: 18Hz to 40kHz

• Sensitivity: 108dB SOK @ 1mW

• Impedence: 16 Ohms @ 1kHz

• THD: <=1% @ 1kHz

• Warranty: 1 year

What comes in the box:

• 1 Pair of IEMs with carbon fibre faceplates affixed

• 1 pair of spare faceplates with allen key

• 1 Stealth IEM pro cable

• 1 Stealth IEM cable with in-line microphone

• 3 pairs of foam ear tips (different sizes)

• 3 pairs of silicone tips (different sizes)

• 1 pair double flange ear tips (different sizes)

• ¼ inch jack

• 1 Soft-shell IEM case

• 1 suede IEM pouch

• 1 cleaning cloth

• Warranty Card