Ehrlund EAP-PICKUP linjär kontaktmikrofon för instrument

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A linear microphone means the pickup reproduces a flat frequency  response. The EAP Pickup captures the vibrations in the acoustic  instrument, which enables the microphone to deliver very good separation  even in normally ?impossible? environments where the other musicians  are generating high sound levels on their respective instruments. The EAP Pickup has achieved very good results in test performances, even  with incongruous combinations such as Heavy Metal and cello.

Every instrument is unique and finding the right location for the  best sound is a matter of trial and error. The EAP Pickup is easy to  move around between different instruments.It is simple to attach to the  sound box with adhesive putty. You can even mount the pickup on the  inside of the instrument through the sound hole. You can buy the EAP  Pickup separate, or in a set EAP SYSTEM together with the Preamp.