Audix OM7 Professionell Dynamisk Mikrofon röster

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The OM7 vocal dynamic microphone is used by professional sound  companies, front of house and mixing engineers as well as high-profile  fixed installations. The OM7 provides unprecedented gain before feedback  on concert level stages without sacrificing sound quality. In addition,  the mic is very resistant to feedback on extremely loud stages and for  performers who tend to “cup” the microphone with both hands.

In order to achieve these extraordinary performance benefits, the  OM7 dynamic vocal microphone is designed with an unconventionally low  output level (8-10 dB lower than typical dynamic microphones). This low  output level acts as a natural “pad” at the capsule in order to maintain  high fidelity at the source. The OM7 hypercardioid microphone is best  suited for use with high-quality mixing consoles that have plenty of  headroom to compensate for the low gain.

Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA.