Presonus TubePre V2

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Global Warming for Mics and Instruments

TubePre V2: 1-channel Tube Preamplifier/DI Box

A versatile preamp with impressive dynamic range and detail.

Compact and affordable, the ever-popular TubePre V2 professional tube  preamplifier employs our popular XMAX Class A solid-state preamp,  followed in the signal path by a 12AX7 vacuum-tube stage. A dual-servo  (no capacitors) gain stage lets you boost the signal to smoking hot  levels without significantly increasing noise. Discrete components and  high-voltage operation offer dynamic range and detail not found in other  single-channel tube preamps in its class. Built tough enough for  serious gigging, the TubePre V2 is a great choice for guitars and  microphones alike.

 From gentle warmth to total fuzz with the twist of a knob.

XMAX microphone preamps deliver incredibly high headroom, deep lows,  smooth highs, and a rich overall sound garnering them rave reviews from  users and the media alike. The 12AX7 vacuum tube that follows the XMAX  in the TubePre V2 was hand-selected and carefully tested for electrical  conformity and freedom from microphonics. Twist the Drive saturation  control to add the ?color? that only a hand-selected 12AX7 can deliver ?  from gentle warmth to total fuzz.

 A versatile tool that?s built to travel.

Housed in a rugged case that is built to travel, the TubePre V2 rear  panel sports separate unbalanced, ¼? instrument and balanced, XLR mic  inputs and unbalanced ¼? and balanced XLR line outputs. Use it as a  straight-up tube preamp or a dynamite direct box (DI) for guitars and  basses. We?ve provided all of the extras you need, including a highpass  filter, phantom power, polarity reverse, and a backlit VU meter. Yet  with all its features, it?s small enough to carry almost anywhere?or  simply screw-mount it to a standard rack tray.

 Great sound, live or in the studio.

Live or in the studio, the TubePre V2 is a great-sounding tool you?ll  use on a variety of sources. Add just the right amount of tube  distortion to guitars, basses, and mic signals. Go lightly for gentle  warmth or go all-out for solid crunch?it?s up to you. So give your ears a  treat and test the TubePreV2 at your favorite PreSonus® dealer. Then  check out the price? and prepare to be amazed. Because with PreSonus,  big sound does not have to cost big money.